The Change Course is a development experience designed to help you build your change skills. Regardless of the change model you use, you can increase your ability to influence, assess impact, and coach through change. This course will help increase your confidence, help you navigate the messiness of change and lead more effectively.

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What is change costing you?
Evidence would say "a lot!"
With The Change Course, we have created a learning experience that will help you reduce the messiness and increase your effectiveness leading change.
Are you drained by a lack of clear direction?
Overwhelmed by the amount of work and complexity involved?
Are frustrated with a lack of forward progress?
Do you find yourself wishing you could be more influencial?
Frustrated that more issues aren't being addressed,
hoping more of the impact of the change
was understood and being addressed?
And that leaders were better at helping people through it?

We built The Change Course because we believe you need more than a model to be successful. Success in change requires the invisible skills of influence, taking care of impacted employees and coaching those who are stuck. You need change skills and we can teach you!

Who's it for?
The Change Course

Leaders & Aspiring leaders
You are being asked to lead this change or your team will be impacted. You want people to support the change, but you are still coming to grips with how it will all work. You feel like you have more questions than answers and are often frustrated trying to keep up with information and know what it all means.

Change Practitioners
You are in charge of change within your company. You care passionately about making the change successful. You know what needs to be done, but sometimes it feels like you are the only one who see it. You sometimes feel like a scapegoat who has all of the accountability and not the right kind of leadership support.

Project Managers
You need to get projects completed but the amount of confusion, misinformation, rework and adjustments are making it impossible. Schedules and budgets are fixed, but the decisions are taking a while and the questions and concerns from employees are mounting.

Imagine feeling like you have a plan of action, feeling more confident to raise issues and get decisions. Imagine being more effective at influencing the direction of change and the actions taken. This course is designed to help you learn the skills needed to influence change in your organization.

The Change Course

Designed for leaders, aspiring leaders, change practitioners and project managers, The Change Course is a 3-month learning experience with four short, concentrated sessions (just two hours each). Each session is packed with powerful lessons & tools and we spread them out over a 3-month window to allow for lots of practice and application!

All sessions are delivered virtually

Courtney Smock is a change pioneer with over 20 years of change leadership experience. She co-founded an EOS and change management firm called Slingshot25 in the midst of a pandemic. She is a wizard at connecting the dots in human behavior and helping people see the value in change. Courtney has seen confusion and disarray across organizations, misdirected leaders, dysfunctional teams and the painful emotional devastation caused by a lack of clarity. This is the reason she created The Change Course.

"I have been practicing change management for over 20 years and I am constantly learning new things about what it really takes to lead change effectively. Leaders and employees alike are struggling due to the amount, complexity and nature of changes facing them. I know that sharing my experience can help make it better."

"Most engaging online training I've ever participated in"
"We are truly applying the ideas from class throughout our business teams. Decisions are getting made faster and we are holding ourselves accountable to this process."
"I was naive to understanding the emotional connection to people's previous job duties.
The tools were a perfect fit."
"I was not anticipating the leaders to jump on board so quickly. It really works."

We know people lose 70% of what they learn within 72 hours of a training class, so we designed The Change Course to combine discussion with practice labs over a period of three months. We want our participants to learn, apply, practice and build the skills they need to be successful.

You'll be so excited with The Change Course and the confidence you'll gain that you'll want to share the magic with others.

The Change Course provides insights on how to influence in even the most challenging business dynamics, a deep dive on change psychology, and tools to help you create a successful plan to help others through the change process.

You'll get the following:

  • Four 2-hour training sessions
  • Three 1-hour optional labs for practice & support
  • The Change Course workbook
  • The Complete Change Guide (tool)
  • Virtual postcards with messages from your instructor
  • Unlimited email access for questions

Imagine what you would be working on if your project had clear direction, an aligned team working together and a solid plan of action designed to help team members adopt the change as easily as possible.
Right now, you're struggling to create clarity, get people bought in and hold them accountable to your new initiatives.
Imagine if you could learn how to influence more effectively, begin creating clarity, and make progress today.

Join those who are already making a difference for themselves and their business!
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